Quality, Environment, Safety and Health

BRB International is committed to provide quality, environment, safety and health as an integral part of its business system.

The quality policy of BRB International is concentrated on continuous improvement, care and attention enabling to meet the required quality of its products and services.

Working according the regulations as described in NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 is one of the appropriate actions to reach this goal.

Quality targets

  • Continued improvement of the service and quality of our organisation;
  • Meeting all the customers demands and expectations in terms of product quality and delivery reliability;
  • Continuous attention to optimise processes and procedures.


BRB International takes full responsibility to limit and control the negative effects on the environment as a result of its activities. The environmental management system of BRB is certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2004.

Environmental targets:

  • To prevent unnecessary emissions and spills;
  • Continued improvement of the processes and procedures to minimize the environmental impact;
  • Development of more environmental friendly products compared to existing products in the market.

Safety and Health

Eliminating risks for all persons is a key element in all activities undertaken by BRB International. It is a continuous effort to create labour conditions, which guarantee total safety for our employees.

Safety and Health targets:

  • Zero accidents
  • Total protection of our employees, customers, suppliers and all those involved;
  • Continued reduction, elimination and prevention of any hazards;
  • Active involvement of employees in the contribution to the prevention of accidents by reporting, analysing and controlling safety and health risks. Safety is a responsibility of everyone!


AEO logoThe AEO status (Authorized Economic operator) indicates that BRB International is a reliable partner in business  and is checked by the EU customs concerning well regulated processes, financial solvency, documents administration and  have in-house specialists in the field of customs and logistics knowledge.
Companies with this status have simplified customs controls,  less frequent shipments, are physically inspected and any checks will be given priority. Our customers find in this a well organized company with less delay by customs regulations. Obtaining and retaining the AEO license is vital for any organization, including for BRB International.



In 2015 BRB International was rated silver by Ecovadis. EcoVadis operates the first Sustainability Monitoring platform dedicated to facilitating the management of suppliers' environmental and social performance:


Silver status

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