BRB International is the exclusive manufacturer of the KIRASOL® and NOXOL® product lines for EURO CORPEX.  These efficient high-end cleaners are manufactured by BRB under precise and unique manufacturing processes that are assured by ISO certifications. The KIRASOL® and NOXOL® product lines are REACH compliant and meet the strict environmental standards of the North Sea Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

KIRASOL® products have been specifically designed to remove a wide range of organic contaminants.  These include light hydrocarbons to heavy hydrocarbons as well as synthetic materials.  The products are benign to most surfaces and are environmentally friendly.  After use, the contaminant phase separates out and can be readily removed assisting in waste.

All of the formulations are free from alkalis or caustic substances of any kind, as well as from chlorinated and hydrocarbon based solvents.

The NOXOL® product line effectively removes inorganic contaminants such as mixed metal oxides, difficult salts and water hardness scales. This family of products will rapidly and selectively remove the contaminants without affecting the underlying surface. In addition to being substrate benign, they are environmentally friendly.

When organic contaminants are also present together with inorganic contaminants, KIRASOL®-318SC can be used in combination with the appropriate NOXOL® product to provide a multipurpose cleaning system.

KIRASOL® and NOXOL® are safe and user friendly.  Thus there is minimal need for special safety precautions during application.

For more information about these products, please download the 'Euro Corpex Product Information' file under the Download section. You can always contact us or visit the website of our partner at Euro Corpex Website to know more.

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