Introduction of a new shear stable VISCOTECH Viscosity Modifier DSM Elastomers, well known for its global leading position in EP(D)M polymers with regard to production, marketing and research & development, appointed BRB International, known as a flexible and customer focused organisation, as distributor for its EP(D)M polymers for petroleum additives in the European market.

BRB will market these polymers under the VISCOTECH® brand-name. The endless pursuit of improvement leads to a new generation of olefin copolymers as superior additives for high performance lubricants. The VISCOTECH® polymer has been tested under severe conditions and proven to be effective.

VISCOTECH® family of Viscosity Index Improvers are designed to provide maximum flexibility to lubricant formulators by maintaining the viscometric performance while reducing the need for special, costly base stocks.

The VISCOTECH® VII products are designed to provide the following advantages, such as:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Shear Stability and resistance to oxidative and chemical attack;
  • Excellent low temperature performance;
  • Broad stay-in-grade spectrum;
  • Improved viscosity behaviour;

Both companies are striving for market and technology leadership. The need for high quality viscosity modifiers gives this powerful combination an opportunity to develop new business in a high demanding market.

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