For the 3rd time the Global Silicone Business Outlook is held, this time 23 and 24 September in ShanghaiBRB International BV is again one of the main sponsors to make this event happen. To see lateste schedule go to

Surviving the global slowdown while balancing energy efficiency & green concerns


Since the onset of the financial crisis, the silicone industry is seeing slower times compared to last year when prices rose to all time highs amidst high raw material costs and high demand. As the outlook for world economy remains uncertain though on the way to recovery, will raw material prices continue to remain at low levels ?

While China remain a bright spot with continued growth rates or overcapacity a key concern as the industry has seen more new players joining? As the competition heats up, how will China's silicone industry dynamics change in the future? As mature economies like South Korea and Japan take a beating from the current dire economic situation, how will producers in these markets survive the crisis? What lessons can the industry learn?


Amidst the backdrop of slower economic growth, there are renewed concerns over the safety of D5 silicones in Canada. How will the government's efforts to legislate against D5 silicones impact the industry? What are the wider implications of such a possible move?


In addition, the industry faces constant demands to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly, what kind of technology innovations and steps are
being taken to meet these concerns?


Innovation is key to develop the silicone industry to new heights. What is the growth potential for silicone applications in : LED, Personal Care & Construction industry?


CMT's 3rd Global Silicone Biz Outlook provides timely insights to help you plan for volatile times ahead. Register with your team today at or contact for more information.


Key Reasons to attend CMT's 3rd Global Silicone Business Outlook :

- Decipher the prospect of the world economy and if recovery lies ahead
- Assess the market dynamics of the silicone industry in South Korea, Japan & China
- Latest advances and trends in the silicone industry
- Market prospect & new developments for silane crosslinkers?
- Learn whether silicones & nano materials can complement each other ?
- Market trends in: Liquid Silicone Rubber & Silicone Emulsions
- How are environment & energy efficiency concerns shaping the industry ?
- Will current low prices for raw materials be sustainable? Gain insight from experts on : Methanol & Silicon Metal
- End users share their expectations and trends in : Personal care, LED, Construction, etc
- Network with key stakeholders from the silicone producers, raw materials speakers (platinum, methanol, silicon metal, etc), additives, catalysts, formulators, technology providers, fumed silica, end users, etc.


You will network with

- CEOs - MDs - Regional Directors - Business Development Directors/Managers
- Technology Directors - Operations Managers - R&D Directors from
Silicone manufacturing companies, silicon metal, platinum, methanol,
silicone technology providers, end users in Automotive, E&E, Personal Care,
Construction, Coating, Medical, Textiles, etc and all companies involved in the
silicone industry

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