BRB Waxil AST is a very high gloss, antistatic, premium grade, concentrated web conditioner solution for rotary heat web offset printing

BRB Waxil AST is a 50% active non-ionic well-balanced water based emulsion of silicone oils combined with polyethylene waxes.

Main features:

  • Advanced Silicone Technology: BRB Waxil AST is a multi-component friction-reducing system containing agents specially designed to boost the performance of polyethylene wax during the remoistening stage.
  • Small particle size (<1 micron) giving good stability and outstanding dilution properties
  • Low viscosity giving good wetting
  • Neutral pH which prevents corrosion of machinery
  • Nonylphenol free surfactant system which is environmentally friendly

Key benefits:

  • Enhances quality on uncoated / newsprint paper
  • Eliminates static charge both during printing and follow-up treatment
  • Exceptional mar resistance, even at low dosage
  • Brings an outstanding long lasting gloss of the printed paper following treatment
  • Superior smearing reduction, even in lower concentration
  • Eliminates deposits on turning rods or rolls, thus reducing streaking and blade cuts
  • Reduces the risk of cracking at the fold, allowing for increased residual strength of the paper
  • Anti-misting effect allowing consistent printing quality at high speed (up to 90,000 copies per hour in reverse / closed coating conditions)
  • Good wetting properties ensuring remoistening
  • Improves post printing operations, folding cutting and stacking
  • Reduces the use of expensive rub-resistant inks
  • Higher active content to optimize the cost of silicone

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