After more than 10 years of partnership, BRB International BV is proud to announce that Prayon Benelux NV from 1st of February is 2011 our official silicone distributor for the Belgium and Luxembourg market.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Prayon SA (headquartered in Engis, Belgium) Prayon Benelux NV is responsible for the sales of all Prayon products on the Benelux market. Prayon is a world leader in the production of phosphoric acid and phosphates.

Prayon Benelux, formely Zinchem, was founded in 1939. We are currently based in offices at our phosphoric acid plant in the town of Puurs (near Antwerp, Belgium), where a team of 11 employees, including six sales staff, manage the Benelux market. Prayon-Benelux also owns two ADR-equipped trucks and has a 4,000m² warehouse in Haren-Vilvoorde where a further four people are employed.

As one of Prayon's subsidiaries, Prayon-Benelux is also responsible for selling and distributing products made by Prayon group subsidiaries, such as SNCZ France, Silox, Transpek and India.

In addition, Prayon-Benelux markets and distributes products on behalf of foreign chemical and mineral companies that make additives for the ink, paint, rubber and adhesive industries, and on behalf of a major manufacturer of synthetic wax products.

Prayon-Benelux also has a relatively small production unit in Haren, where we make wax emulsions used in a diverse range of maintenance products for furniture, wooden flooring and cars (shampoos and so forth).

Their trading activities include selling various types of paraffin and natural waxes, such as carnuba and candelilla wax.

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