BRB launches Wetting Agent 8614, a polyether substituted trisiloxane used as an adjuvant in agricultural formulations

BRB Wetting Agent 8614 is a polyether substituted trisiloxane. Its predominant use is to enhance the spreading of aqueous solution on hydrophobic, i.e. difficult to wet surfaces. BRB 8614 Wetting Agent is used as an adjuvant in agricultural formulations, for instance herbicides and pesticides. By using BRB Wetting Agent 8614 a more uniform action of the treatment can be achieved often with less active ingredient in the agricultural formulation.

Other application fields are the textile industry where BRB Wetting Agent 8614 is used as textile auxiliary or in aqueous coating systems where BRB Wetting Agent 8614 improves the wetting of hydrophobic surfaces, e.g. fibres, pigments or surfaces to be coated. Thus it enhances the performance of the textile or coating.

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