BRB launches Sempure 1814 emulsion for the hydrophobic treatment of mineral wool insulating materials and low-density bulk fireproofing materials.

BRB Sempure 1814 is a non-ionic 60% active aqueous emulsion containing a reactive silicone oil, specially designed emulsion for the hydrophobic treatment of :

  • Glass wool and mineral wool insulating materials such as in the manufacturing process of fiberglass boards and mats.
  • Low-density bulk fireproofing materials such as perlite or vermiculite 

BRB Sempure 1814 brings the following key benefits:

  • Retains hydrophobicity on glass, mineral wool, perlite or vermiculite, even after processing at high temperatures
  • Compatible with most phenolic resin binder solutions
  • Superior water repellency as compared to a standard silicone emulsion, even at low addition rates
  • Especially efficient where elevated application temperatures occur
  • Performance achieved without changing the process nor the binder treatment

For more information, please enquire from your BRB contact.

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