BRB launches Trimethylsilioxysilates, a new range of silicone resins in sunscreen, skin care, hair care and color cosmetic applications

This highly cross-linked silicone resin is primarily used for its film-forming attributes. In sunscreen, skin care and color cosmetic applications, BRB Trimethylsilioxysilate is an excellent water-resistant additive and helps holding pigments in place. In skin care formulations, it brings a long-lasting effect in protective creams, baby creams, insect repellent and sunscreen creams and lotions. In hair care compositions, the silicone resin provides volume and body, while imparting humidity resistance to the hair.

The main features of the BRB Trimethylsilioxysilate products are:

  • Film forming
  • Unique Feel
  • Resistant to staining by water borne materials
  • Water-repellency
  • Long lasting emolliency with very little slip

 BRB Silicons offers the following Trimethylsilioxysilate product range:

  • BRB TMS: Trimethylsiloxysilicate powder form MQ Resin.
  • BRB TMS-30D: 30% Trimethylsiloxysilicate in Dimethicone.
  • BRB TMS-50C: 50% Trimethylsiloxysilicate in Cyclopentasiloxane.
  • Custom made formulations

For more information, please enquire from your BRB contact.

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