BRB Silanil® 276 is used as a coupling agent in filled rubber compounds and also in reinforced / filled plastics. When used as a special crosslinker in PE, especially in wire and cables, BRB Silanil® 276 can give better heat and weather resistance compared to other crosslinkers.


- BRB silanil® 276 is reactive in free radical chemistry as in hydrosilation chemistry

- BRB Silanil® 276 forms siloxane bonds through moisture curing

- BRB Silanil® 276 is reactive in hydrosilation chemistry


- Reactivity is high

- Good bonding

- Functions as a crosslinker

- Useful as a moisture scavenger


BRB Silanil® 276 is used as a crosslinking site in polyethylene. The vinyl silanes can be added as monomers during emulsion poly merization to form silane modified latexes. The silanes in such latexes function as crosslinkers, forming very stable Si-O-Si linkages.

Even more vinyl silanes can also be grafted to select unsaturated polymers such as polyethylene, polyester, and styrene-butadiene co-polymers, via free radical chemistry. Once unioned to the resin, the resin exhibits silane functionality through which the resin can be crosslinked via an ambient moisture cure mechanism. This accession can be used to provide enhanced high temperature resistance, tensile and tear strengths to thermoplastic resin-based materials.

Next to these applications, it is used as a coupling agents in filled rubber compounds, a coupling agents in reinforced/filled plastics and as well as a reactant in siloxane polymer synthesis.

Blockbusters in silanes

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