In June 2013, BRB International appointed Overlack, as a distributor for the Personal Care, Household, Auto-care and Food & Beverage market in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Private Limited Liability Company OVERLACK UAB has been an active supplier of the chemical and food raw materials and additives in Lithuania since 2003. Having started its activity as a Lithuanian owned company Eurochemas UAB, the company became a member of the OVERLACK group of companies in 2006. Despite the substantial manifestations of the economic and financial crisis in Baltic States' economy, the OVERLACK group had been unhesitatingly investing in the creation of the logistic center in Kazlų Rūda since 2008, making the ruins of the former Soviet military base a modern logistic center. In the summer of 2010, OVERLACK UAB opened the renovated and modernly equipped warehouses from which it distributes the raw materials to Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Belorussian and Kaliningrad Region's companies.

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To contact Overlack for the Baltic states, click here.

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