BRB Silicones South Africa, a subsidiary of BRB International BV, was opened in May 2013.

BRB has established another entity to enforce our worldwide team. Run by a husband and wife power team, Pravesh Sewpersad (General Manager) and Veena Sewpersad (Operations Manager) who will be lucratively supplying silicones in South Africa with the facilitation of BRB International BV. 

The product range has been marketed in South Africa since 2004 by ITEM MAKERS CC  and our goal is to achieve and market products to the general industries through BRB Silicones South Africa from BRB International's product range. BRB South Africa strives to endeavour to replace opposition products with BRB Silicone products' range and it strives to succeed in making the company viable and sustainable, in the image of BRB International BV.

BRB Silicones Sout Africa is exceptionally proud to be associated with BRB International BV as a subsidiary, marketing the quality silicones and the allied product range of BRB International. We look forward to a long standing association with BRB International BV and achieve to reach great heights, given the correct infrastructure, within the next twelve months. It is our true aspiration to achieve the three main objectives of BRB, referring to: Ambition, Flexibility and Innovation.

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