BRB Silanil® 294 is a reactive chemical containing an octyl organic group and a triethoxysilylinorganic group which is also called alkylalkoxysilane. BRB Silanil® 294 is used as a hydrophobic agent in construction applications to make the mineral and concrete substrates water repellant and also used as a hydrophobic surface modifier of mineralfillers.


- BRB Silanil® 294 offers very good water repellency features (hydrophobic hydrocarbon chain)

- BRB Silanil® 294 increases the dispersibility of fillers in organic paints and polymers

- BRB Silanil® 294 modifies the surface (increasing the compatibility with different substrates)


- Excellent improvement of dispersability of mineral fillers

- Applicable to many natural fillers and different polymers

- Very good water repellency on concrete, bricks, masonry substrates, etc.

- Very easily dissolvable in various organic solvents and alcohols


Potential applications:

Sealers for Construction Materials

BRB Silanil® 294 is excellent penetrating sealer to be used for bricks, stone, concrete, masonrysubstrates e.g. highway bridge decks, airport runways, etc. which the containing mineral particlesare able to react with triethoxysilyl inorganic groups in BRB Silanil® 294. Sealer can be easily prepared by dilution of 10-50% wt. BRB Silanil® 294 into organic solvents e.g. mineral spirits oralcohols, then apply the sealer solution on substrates and leave it dry properly. Also for any existing sealer or coating formulation, the performance of water repellency can be improved by BRBSilanil® 294 addition into the formulation.

Dispersing Agent in Coatings and Adhesives

BRB Silanil® 294 also can be added into coating and sealant formulation to improve organic compatibility and help to disperse inorganic fillers or pigments in organic matrix. A few percentages of BRB Silanil® 294 can be added directly into the coating formulation to improve dispersibility. For each specific application, the optimum level of additive should be determined by testing several concentrations.

Mineral Filler Treatment

In the case of siliceous mineral fillers, the mineral can be treated by slurrying in the aqueous solution at 0.1-2 % silane based on filler weight. The silane dosage is up to particle size or surface area of fillers which is shown in the table I. The filler treatment recommendation is mixing with the silane at very high shear (with a Waring 2 or Welex 3 blender) as a 10 percent solution in isopropanol which ratio of solution is recommended at 1:8:1 of silane : isopropanol : water.The hydrolysis rate of BRB Silanil® 294 can be accelerated by pH adjustment. The addition of glacial acetic acid to pH 4-5 is recommended which pH 4.5 provides minimal condensation and long shelf life of solution.


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