To profile the market and focus on the fast growing Asia/Pacific region, The StrategyWorks Ltd. (TSW) has conducted three indepth interviews with leading manufacturers representing different parts of the EPDM supply chain: Lanxess, JSR and BRB International.

Since 2008, BRB International has committed to a partnership with LANXESS, in which we find a valuable partner with mutual focus and interest. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals.We share key values such as innovation, technology and sustainability. The technology of LANXESS combined with the flexibility, and strong customer orientation of BRB International offers a strong foundation for new product innovations.A key principle of BRB International’s strategy is to have a sustainable vision. Our goal is to continue improving the processes and procedures to minimize the environmental impact and to develop of more environmental friendly products compared to existing products in the market. In this way BRB International is contributing to the environment we all live in. LANXESS’ ongoing search for alternatives to fossil fuels underlines its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions through sustainable production.

The interviews with BRB International, Lanxess and JSR are part of an article which has been published in the fourth issue of the ‘Rubber Fibres Plastics International’ magazine. In this article, BRB International and Lanxess shine their light on the global EPDM market and the move towards sustainable feedstock:

New Asian capacity and sustainablefeedstock reshape global EPDM market

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