During In-Cosmetics 2014 Hamburg we launched our new Quaternium microemulsion used in (premium) hair care products. We emphasized our BRB 5446 already during the run-up of In-Cosmetics and we have showcased a variety of different formulations including this microemulsion. We would like to highlight the CC Leave In Hair Conditioner for you.

BRB 5446 is a clear, non-ionic microemulsion of a quaternary ammonium functional silicone.

Formulation CC leave in hair conditioner:

CC (Complete Correction) Leave In Hair Conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner that delivers few benefits in one simple step. It is is specially formulated to provide moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, heat protection, light hold, manageability, and strength to your hair. Provide total complete correction (CC) to your hair.



  • BRB DM 100: Aid in spreadability
  • BRB PTM 20: Provide shininess to hair
  • BRB 1855: Provide silkiness and smoothness to hair
  • BRB CM 56-S: Provide light and non greasy after feel
  • BRB 5446: Provide superior wet and dry combing and conditioning effect and enhanced color and heat protection
  • BRB TMS-50C: Provide unique smooth non-tacky feel



Hair care formulation containing BRB 5446


  • Add phase A into bulk and heat to 70-75°C
  • In a separate tank, heat phase B to 70-75°C. Add phase B into A and homogenize well
  • At 60°C, add in C1. Homogenize well
  • At 45°C, add in C2-C4. Mix well after each addition
  • Premix phase D. Add phase D into bulk and mix well
  • Add phase E one by one into bulk and mix well

Please note that this formulation has passed 1 month stability at 45°C.  Any questions regarding the formulations, we are at your full disposal.


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