N-(2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl-methyldimethoxysilane BRB Silanil® 307 is a reactive chemical containing a diaminofunctional group and a methyldimethoxysilyl inorganic group which is used as a coupling agent in a very wide range of polymers such as epoxy, phenolic, melamine, polystyrene, acrylic, polyvinyl chloride,polycarbonate,nylon, urethane, PBT/PET. CAS# is specified as 3069-29-2 .


  • Excellent improvement of mechanical properties in composites
  • Very good and strong bonding to inorganic fillers or substrates
  • Applicable to many mineral fillers and different polymers

Due to the fact that BRB Silanil® 307 has diamine functional silane groups, it gives higherflexibility, longer elongation and better spreading to polymers. Another feature is giving very good adhesion between inorganic material and organic material. Furthermore, because of a methyldimethoxysilyl inorganic group, BRB Silanil® 307 provides better stability in waterborne system over other trifunctional silanes e.g. BRB Silanil® 176.


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