In March 2014, BRB International appointed  Cordulan, as a distributor for the Paint & Coating and Construction market in Switzerland. 

Founded in 1984 and with its company site located in CH- 5610 Wohlen, it is convenient located to traffic favorable binding to the Swiss road system. As a distributor and representative of various producers for different industries they offer its customers secure solutions and service features that fit their needs. One of their specialities is the manufacturing for customized small bundles and store keeping (in liquid and in powder form).

The Cordulan working philosophy is realising customer satisfaction which is in line with our philosophy. This is a philosophy which they pursue with the help of a highly-committed team, a wide range of products, and the flexibility to adapt rapidly to any changes in the market. Cordulan works together with local and international logistic partners and they keep stock both in the south as well as in the north of Germany.


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