We belong, according to Graydon in The Netherlands, to the top of financially healthy companies in The Netherlands; therefore we have received an award on the 18th of July 2014!

Winning this award is a confirmation that BRB is a reliable business partner for all stakeholders. The growth that we have undergone in the last years has been realized in a financial responsible way. In these times it is imperative to show our partners and customers that we are a financial healthy group and one can do business with us in a reliable way.

Financial Award for BRB International

According to Graydon, BRB belongs to the top of the Dutch companies with a solid financial base. Only 3% of the Dutch companies meet the strict requirements of Graydon and can be qualified as financially healthy. To qualify for this award, a company needs to receive a confident credit limit and no defaults may occur. The judgement is based on a combination of different factors as turnover, yearly figures and the payment behavior of a company.



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