The theme of “clear Asian formulations” will be showcased at in-cosmetics in Bangkok. BRB Silicones will feature clear formulations of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, sunscreens etc. where silicones are key ingredients magnifying the product transparency

Silicone transparent gelThere is a growing trend for transparent products in the Asian cosmetics and toiletries market. Many products claim to use “clear” formulation techniques in their gels and emulsions. Consumers always enjoy using clear products as they deliver cooling and soothing effects which are suitable for hot weather and high humidity.

Clear formulations are widely used in men’s skin care to provide the cooling sensation and light feel required for the male grooming market. The trend for emulsions in skin moisturizers is moving towards a cream-gel texture. A cream-gel emulsion is a light weight emulsion with semi-transparent appearance. It brings enhanced compatibility with an oily skin which is the most common skin type in Asia.

Silicones in clear formulations offer superior aesthetic and technical characteristics. They deliver excellent sensory benefits like lightness, softness, a luxurious texture, longer-lasting and protecting effects.   

The following formulations will be unveiled by BRB Silicones at in-cosmetics Asia and rolled out through its entire Asian distributors’ network during 2015:

  • Fresh Effect CC CreamTransluscent cream
  • CC Leave In Hair Conditioner
  • Daily Care Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Perfectly Clear Gel Moisturizer
  • Deep Moisturizing Shea Body Butter
  • Clear Sun Mist
  • Total Repair Clear Rinse Off Conditioner
  • Clear gel with 3D Unishapes

In each cosmetic product, silicones are key ingredients magnifying the clear characteristics of the formulation. A few examples are given in our press release enclosed.

To know the full details about the immense possibilities of silicones in formulating clear products, come visit BRB Silicones and discover our versatile formulation toolbox at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, on 4-6 November 2014 on booth H30.

BRB Silicones in Personal Care… The Power of Smart Ingredients.



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