BRB International has received the FD Gazellen Award for the third place in the category “Large companies in Limburg”. 

The FD Gazellen Awards are prizes which are being handed out by “het Financieel Dagblad” for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The FD Gazellen are divided into three categories, small companies: €100.000 - €2.000.000; medium companies: €2.000.000 - €30.000.000 and large companies: >€30 million. 

All companies which have shown a continuous growth of at least 20% for the past 3 years can call themselves “FD Gazelle”. The FD Gazellen Awards are part of the FD Gazellen-ranking, which is a yearly competition organized by the well-known Dutch financial journal “Het Financieele Dagblad” (part of FD Mediagroep). “Het Financieel Dagblad” maps the Dutch entrepreneurship in the different provinces with research. The research uses figures which are published by the Chamber of Commerce. The nominations are based on growth figures in net turnover.

BRB International is very proud to receive this renowned Dutch award!


Het Financieele Dagblad
Het Financieele Dagblad is a newspaper functioning as a news- and inspiration source, giving Financial-economic meaning to developments in the World of entrepreneurial people in the Netherlands, both business and private.

Het Financieele Dagblad is part of the FD Media Group, a multi media enterprise which also contains internet sites and BNR News radio.

FD Mediagroep
Entrepreneurs, directors and decision makers can even better realize business goals when they have access to independent news, knowledge and networks, which have maximum relevance and reliability and therefore indispensable for their actions.

The FD Mediagroep helps you to make better decisions by offering overview, insight and outlook trough the use of journalistic brands and high quality products.


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