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BRB International is present at 21st International Colloquium Tribology


This week (January 9-11) BRB International attends the 21st International Colloquium Tribology which takes place at Technische Akademie Esslingen e.V. in Ostfildern, Germany.

BRB International attends Base Oils & Lubricants Interactive Summit


BRB International is present at the 9th ACI European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit, November 29-30, held at the Crowne Plaza Antwerp, Belgium.

BRB International attends UEIL Annual Congress in Bologna


BRB International is present at the UEIL Annual Congress, October 25-27, held in Bologna, Italy.

BRB International launches Viscotech® brochure


Recently the Viscotech® brochure was introduced by BRB International, Lube oil Additives & Chemicals.

BRB attends Global Lubricant Week in Moscow


This week (October 3-6) the most influential players and decision makers of the international lubricants industry meet at the Global Lubricant Week in Moscow, Russia.   

BRB International will attend the ELGI Conference in Helsinki


BRB International will attend the 29th ELGI AGM in Helsinki, Finland. The conference will take place from the 6th - 9th of May in the Hilton Kalastajatorppa hotel.

BRB will attend the ICIS Conference in Singapore


From 16 to 18 May, BRB International will attend the eleventh ICIS Asian Base oils and Lubricantsconference in Singapore.

BRB International is present at the UNITI Conference in Stuttgart


BRB International will attend the UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Conference 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany.    

BRB International and ARLANXEO expand distribution agreement


BRB International announces the expansion of the EU distribution agreement with ARLANXEO into Asia.   Resulting from a long-term partnership in Europe, BRB International and ARLANXEO have established an expansion of its cooperation for the distribution of copolymers (EPM) for lubricant applications in East Asia.

ICIS 21st World Base oils and Lubricants Conference


BRB International will attend the ICIS 21st World Base oils & Lubricants Conference at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London. The conference will be held from the 15th until the 17th of February 2017.  

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