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German Dutch Joint Venture


German-Dutch Joint Venture

3rd Silicone Business Outlook


For the 3rd time the Global Silicone Business Outlook is held, this time 23 and 24 September in ShanghaiBRB International BV is again one of the main sponsors to make this event happen. To see lateste schedule go to

Installation of the new Liquid VI mixer at our Joint venture Viscotech


As a big part of BRB Internationals independence we have started investing in new equipement for our Joint Venture with SWD Lubricants in Duisburg.The biggest project up untill now was the installation of the new Liquid VI Mixer as the pictures dow below show.

BRB becomes offical Member of NCV


The NCV is the association of manufacturers and importers of cosmetics, or products for personal care. These include not only products for daily care, such as deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste, but also products that serve to embellish, like make-up and hairdyes.

European partnership between BRB International and DSM Elastomers for Petro


Introduction of a new shear stable VISCOTECH Viscosity Modifier DSM Elastomers, well known for its global leading position in EP(D)M polymers with regard to production, marketing and research & development, appointed BRB International, known as a flexible and customer focused organisation, as distributor for its EP(D)M polymers for petroleum additives in the European market.

BRB Fights the Mexican Flu (H1N1)


BRB has developed and manufactures BRB HAND SANITIZER to figth the Mexican Flu (H1N1)

BRB International BV got published in Newspaper


BRB International got published in the newspaper. The y had a big highlight on succesfull Chemical companies in Southern of Holland

BRB International b.v. opens Singapore office


BRB International b.v. is expanding it's business world wide. After opening our BRB USA Inc. in 2007 we now succesfully opened  since 01-06-2008 our Singapore office.

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