The Power of a Silicone Major, the Flexibility of a Formulator 

BRB Silicones, a business unit of BRB International BV, is a producer of specialty silicones like emulsions, antifoams, water repellants, elastomers, lubricants, silanes, resins, silicone polyethers, dimethicone & cyclomethicone blends, cross polymers and many more customized products. BRB Silicones also supplies a very broad range of core and specialty intermediates to all the silicone industry with a superior combination of product supply regularity and competitive pricing.


  • Fluids

    A complete tool box for silicone formulators

  • Silicone Emulsions

    Emulsions for a wide variety of applications…

  • Silanes

    Key grades for adhesives, fiber glass, plastics, rubber and coatings

  • Antifoams

    A wide range of silicone defoamers for all applications

  • Silicone Polyethers

    Surfactants for a wide range of applications from agrochemicals to personal care

  • Resins

    Silicones for coatings, building protection, RTV-2 and personal care

  • Pastes and Greases

    Some mechanisms require a different type of lubricant than oil. Therefore a specially formulated grease is used