At BRB we have a distinctive company culture that fosters innovation and drives high performance. Our company culture  is keen on global growth and together with all employees, we will further develop this ambition.

In 1981, BRB International BV started as a one man business in Ittervoort, the Netherlands. The business started expanding and in 1985 BRB International BV moved to its current headquarters on the industrial site in Ittervoort, the Netherlands. This was also the year that the company started its own production facilities, in order to better serve its customers and differentiate from large multinationals. The sales driven mentality enabled the company to expand rapidly. An important step to professionalizing the business was made in 1999, when BRB International BV obtained its ISO certifications (9001-2000/14001).

The rate of growth quickly called for further expansion and in 2004, two other locations in Ittervoort were opened (one sales office/storage facility and one warehouse). The continuous drive to grow, combined with opportunities in the market formed the basis for a physical presence in the Asia Pacific region. At first a Joint Venture with the company of Amochem Malaysia enabled BRB to better serve the Asia Pacific region. These emerging economies offered excellent business potential and therefore BRB subsidiaries were opened in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2008.

The BRB USA Inc subsidiary was opened in 2007, which allowed the company to shorten lead times in this continent by maintaining adequate stock. This cooperation between both parties ended in 2015. 

An important milestone for BRB in 2009 was the startup of our subsidiary in Krakau, Poland. This warehouse and sales office will focus on the Central Eastern Europe market for all BRB product groups.  

In 2009, another important milestone was reached by setting up a plant to produce Viscosity Modifiers for the automotive and industrial market. This was achieved through a Joint Venture with the company of SWD Rheinol; situated in Duisburg, Germany. Today this Joint Venture represents the 2nd largest VII production plant in Europe. High quality OCP type VI Improvers are produced under the brand name Viscotech®.

In 2015, BRB has announced the formation of a Joint Venture with Ban Guan Chemical. This joint venture is named Viscotech Asia Pte. Ltd. and is headquartered in Singapore. The Viscotech Asia joint venture will contribute to the further expansion of our production and supply network of our Viscotech product range with the same level of quality manufacturing that customers have come to know and expect from BRB’s other production joint venture in Germany. 

In 2011 BRB International BV acquired Amochem Malaysia, thereby strengthening the company’s foothold and competitive position in the Asia Pacific region. This was also the year in which the company celebrated its 30th anniversary and won an award for best exporting company in The Netherlands, called the Jan Huygen van Linschoten award issued by the ABN-AMRO bank.

In 2016 Bencis Buyout Fund IV, a fund managed by Bencis Capital Partners, an independent investment company based in Amsterdam and Brussels has acquired a majority share of BRB Holding B.V., a global producer of silicones, lube oil additives and chemicals. This acquisition helped us fuel our further growth in manufacturing and product range expansion, extended geographical coverage and new business partnerships.

In 2018 BRB acquired a majority shares in CSL Silicones, located in Guelph, Canada. With this acquisition BRB strengthened its position in the worldwide Construction and Coating market. Besides, CSL brought to BRB a solid chemical synthesis and formulating base in North America with ample room for capacity extension to support BRB’s growing business in the Americas.

In September 2019, PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG) acquired Da Vinci Group BV, widely known as BRB. With this acquisition, both BRB’s business units Silicones and Lube Oil Additives and Chemicals are included in the chemicals, specialty business line of PETRONAS.

The story of BRB International BV is a remarkable success story. Thanks to its dedicated employees and corporate values the company could rely on a strong basis for rapid expansion and growth of the business. The people who were behind the expansion of BRB International BV, still address key positions within the company. Together with its corporate strategies and values, this ensures the companies' unique attitude and character will be maintained in the future, allowing BRB to keep differentiating from its competitors.