BRB International provides high quality British Standard (BS) antifreeze and coolants that meet BS 6580 specification.

BRB offers economical coolants that have been developed for year-round corrosion and frost protection of cars, trucks and bus engines of both ferrous and aluminum construction.

These products are free of potentially harmful additives such as nitrites, amines and phosphates and offer the following benefits: corrosion protection, frost protection, boiling protection, miscibility, seal compatibility, hard water stability and low cost.

BRB International also supplies an ethylene glycol based extended life coolant that provides protection of combustion engines against freezing and boiling and against corrosion. It provides long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminum and ferrous alloys, by use of optimized organic corrosion inhibitors. It is suitable for mixed fleets, for both automotive and heavy duty application, and is particularly recommended for hi-tech engines where high temperature aluminum protection is important. It has been approved by many engine manufacturers, both car and truck:


Ford                                WSS-M97B44-D

Mercedes-Benz              325.3

General Motors               GM 6277M

MAN                                324 type SNF

Volkswagen                     TL 774F

And many more…

BRB International also supplies an ethylene glycol based extended life coolant that meets the requirements of VW TL774J (G13) and an extended life coolant that meets the requirements of PSA B71 5110. These are lo-brid products, which means that the product is formulated with a backbone of organic inhibitors in combination with mineral inhibitors (silicate).

Our coolants are available either as concentrate or as ready-mix.

For information on mixing ratios and related frost protection, contact your local BRB sales manager.


Corrosion Inhibitor

Next to antifreeze and coolants BRB International also supplies an economical aqueous super concentrate that can be used to formulate coolants that provide year/round frost and corrosion protection. These coolants are conformable to British Standard BS 6580.

For information about the treat rate of our corrosion inhibitor and blending formulations contact your local BRB sales manager. 

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