BRB International manufactures a wide range of Petrolad® engine oil additives, which are suitable for HDDO and PCMO applications.

BRB Petrolad® engine oil additives are designed to formulate high performance diesel and gasoline engine oils at very competitive treat rates and can be used in a wide variety of base oils.

BRB produces multipurpose engine oil additive packages which are suitable for formulating Heavy Duty Diesel Oils (HDDO) and Passenger Car Motor Oils (PCMO) and can be used for both on- and off-road applications. They can be used in formulations combined with BRB’s Viscotech® viscosity modifiers.

Our Petrolad® engine oil additives offer outstanding wear protection, deposit control, excellent oxidation and rust protection in both gasoline and diesel engines. These packages are cost effective and deliver optimized performance on a cascade basis.