The lube oil additives product portfolio from BRB International has more to offer:


Under the Petrolad® brand name, BRB offers an over based calcium sulfonate, which is used as a detergent, acid neutralizer and rust inhibitor in many fields of applications. BRB also offers water-based, oil-based and solvent-based gelled calcium sulfonates for many other applications.


Pour point depressant (PPD)

The Petrolad® pour point depressant is especially developed to be used in a wide range of applications such as crankcase oils, industrial oils and gear oils.


Friction modifier

Petrolad® friction modifiers are designed to reduce friction in lubricated contacts, for use in automotive and industrial applications.


Tacky additives

Petrolad® tacky additives are used in various applications such as chain saw lubricants, slide way lubricants, rust preventives and sealants.



BRB also offers other components for a wide variety of applications in the automotive and industrial industry.



Please contact your BRB representative for more product information.