BRB International produces viscosity modifiers which are marketed under the name Viscotech®. The Viscotech® product range is available in a wide range of solid and liquid forms.

BRB has become an important player in the additives market with a wide range of products and especially in proposing a large range of viscosity modifiers with high quality performance.

Viscosity modifiers are used in multi-grade engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, greases and various hydraulic fluids.

Viscosity modifiers reduce the dependency of a lubricant’s viscosity to change regarding temperature variation. Two key properties of VI improvers, shear stability and thickening efficiency, have to be balanced to provide the best properties in a specific application. Depending on the final application, the proper VI improver has to be selected to ensure the best performance and improve fuel efficiency and durability.

Viscotech® 6-series is an advanced family of non-dispersant olefin copolymer viscosity modifiers designed for use in formulating multi grade engine oils and industrial lubricants.

Viscotech® 4- and 5-series comprise of advanced styrenic viscosity modifiers designed for use in formulating multi grade engine oils, which need to live up to stringent performance requirements.

The solid Viscotech® products are available in a wide range of dilutions in different API Group base oils. BRB is very flexible in supplying Viscotech® products in different viscosities and Shear Stability Index (SSI) to cater the needs of many performance requirements.

We offer more than one packaging in order to satisfy different customers’ needs.

Currently, our production facility in Germany is the second largest in Europe, it has 9000T storage capacity for base oils and offers an excellent supply range (barge/railway/bulk). Our product facility in Singapore will be ready in 2016. BRB is able to provide flexible and reactive service to our customers through our global supply chain and dedicated employees.