BRB provides effective treatments to protect the paint outside and the interior inside of cars and ensure windscreen visibility to increase safety.

Cars are often regarded as one of the most valuable possessions, but during their lifespan they are submitted to a lot of factors that can cause degradation: the elements, dirt on the road, trucks which lose some of their cargo and the interior which is being used constantly.

This calls for treatment that ensures the protection of paint and plastic parts, but also for thorough cleaning of the windscreen to increase visibility and safety.

The aftermarket products that are used in the engine systems need to consist of corrosion inhibitors and protective additives to ensure the lifespan of equipment.

BRB develops products which clean and protect the paint, the plastic parts in the interior and make it easy to remove dirt from the windscreen. BRB supplies coolants, antifreeze concentrates and corrosion inhibitors that live up to stringent requirements and are compatible with the latest engine designs.