Petrolad® driveline additives

The Petrolad® lineup includes an array specialised packages for applications like gear oils, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and off-road machinery lubricants. Our packages help you secure a unique market position based on of their competitive treat rates and proven performance record.

Gear oil additive packages

Designed for both automotive and industrial applications, Petrolad® gear oil additive packages are fully tested to ensure they meet the most stringent specifications in the gear oil market. Our gear oil additive packages enable you to formulate low-odour gear oils, thanks to a unique sulphurous/phosphorous technology. We also offer gear oil additive packages with extreme pressure and anti-corrosion properties for industrial use.

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) additive packages

Petrolad® ATF additive packages are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding approval processes in the market, such as those for Dexron, Mercon and Allison. Our packages have outstanding oxidative stability and low temperature properties. Our ATF packages can be used at economical treat rates and are compatible with different mineral base oils.

Off-road additive package

The Petrolad® product portfolio includes tractor oil additives to formulate universal tractor transmission oils (UTTO) and super tractor oil universal (STOU). Alongside UTTO and STOU applications, our off-road additive packages can also be used to formulate non-farm applications that have wet brakes, power shift transmissions and hydraulics. Our off-road additive packages offer excellent frictional characteristics and outstanding gear protection in line with the stringent performance requirements of OEMs.

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