BRB also provides special additives that don’t necessarily fall directly into these categories. What all have in common is that they significantly enhance your products and your competitive advantage.


Our overbased calcium sulfonate is used as a detergent, acid neutraliser and rust inhibitor in many fields of applications. We also offer water-based, oil-based and solvent-based gelled calcium sulfonates for many other applications.

Pour point depressant (PPD)

The Petrolad® PPD is suitable for a wide range of applications such as crankcase oils, industrial oils and gear oils.

Friction modifier

Petrolad® friction modifiers are designed to reduce friction in lubricated contacts, for use in automotive and industrial applications.

Tacky additives

Petrolad® tacky additives are used in various applications such as chain saw lubricants, slideway lubricants, rust preventives and sealants.


Various other components for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications complete the range.

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