Under the Viscotech® brand, BRB offers an array of high-performance viscosity modifiers that deliver precisely the properties your products need. By fine-tuning your lubricant’s behavior to the environment in which it operates, reducing its tendency to change viscosity according to temperature, our solutions enable you to develop products that stand out from the competition.

Our experts will work with you to balance the two key properties of VI improvers, shear stability and thickening efficiency, to achieve the best properties for your specific application. With products that significantly improve fuel efficiency and durability, you will be fit for the future.

Used mainly in multi-grade engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, greases and various hydraulic fluids, our viscosity modifiers are also suitable for combination with our Petrolad® engine oil additives.

  • Viscotech® 6-series, a family of advanced non-dispersant olefin copolymer viscosity modifiers, designed for use in formulating multi-grade engine oils and industrial lubricants.
  • Viscotech® 4- and 5-series comprise advanced styrenic viscosity modifiers designed for use in formulating multi-grade engine oils that need to meet stringent performance requirements.
  • Our solid Viscotech® products are available in a wide range of dilutions in different API Group base oils.

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