Unique and future-proof formulations with Viscotech® 535L

Through the viscosity modifier Viscotech® 535L, we deliver a highly shear-stable liquid (3 SSI) solution for use in multi-grade oil formulations. It meets the demanding performance and specification requirements of modern diesel/gasoline engine oils, while being suitable for next-generation, low-viscosity grades. Its solid, star-shaped styrenic polymer is dissolved in a Group III base oil, and allows Viscotech® 535L to replace PMAs in selected hydraulic oil VGs.
  • Meets the stringent demands of continuously declining viscosity grades (5W-XX and even 0W-XX).
  • Proven, excellent permanent shear stability in both automotive and hydraulic applications.
  • Better filterability and less degradation/pollution, extending the service life of hydraulic fluids.
  • Cost savings thanks to this VM’s multi-purpose capabilities, combined with its competitive treat rates and raw materials.


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