A new siloxane-based emulsion has been added to BRB Silicones' department to widen its extensive portfolio in the construction area.

BRB's Sempure HJS is a 60% modified siloxane based emulsion offering excellent hydrohobising properties to various substrates and binder systems. 

BRB Sempure HJS is specially designed for the hydrophobic treatment of:

  •  Glass and mineral wool in slab and roll form, especially those used in thermal and acoustic insulation application
  • Low-density bulk fireproofing materials such as perlite or vermiculite

Moreover, BRB Sempure HJS retains water repellancy after processing at high temperatures, oven drying of the mat serves to accelerate the performance and reduce the time required to develop hydrophobicity. 

 To find out more about this emulsion, contact us or read more about it in our press release.

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