After many years of successful growth of the BRB business, the corporate team decided to have an internal leadership training to enable future growth, both in business and professionalism and at the same time to ensure the corporate team remains in the driving seat as one.

The corporate team consists of: 

CEO Ralph Pinckaers,
COO Tom Caris,
CFO Hans Scheres,
Vice president R&D Rob Houben,
Vice president Silicones Bas Bollen,
Vice president Lubricants, Additives & Chemicals Roger Dohmen,
Personal assistant of the corporate team Aleid Mensen.

In May, the corporate team went on a leadership training under guidance of Laura Franssen (BRB Global HR Manager) and 2 consultants from Deloitte and Touche. During the next days the team was guided and challenged by the consultants to create a strong team that is ready for the next 5 years, in bringing BRB to the next level. The first steps to grow as a corporate team have been made and intentions and actions have been set out. We understand that the management style we show reflects on the rest of the organization and we truly hope that you will experience the positive effects of our leadership training soon as well.


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