Since its ground breaking ceremony in October 2013, BRB has worked hard to finalize its synthesis plant that fulfills its long-term needs. This Malaysian industrial footprint is broadened to further back integrate in dimethicone copolyols, alkyl dimethicones and volatile dimethicones.

The construction of the new BRB Silicone Synthesis plant in Kuala Lumpur is progressing. The warehouse, office and infrastructure (road, drainage, electricity) have all been completed in December 2015.  Our local staff moved into the new site in November and the warehouse transition has begun and will be completed in January 2016. The plant equipment installation is starting for a commissioning expected early Q2 2016 and the first productions are to follow before Summer.

Silicone Synthesis Plant BRB

 This is a very exciting time for our local team and a major step for BRB. Among others, BRB's Personal Care portfolio will take advantage of this new plant with new capacities for low viscosity silicone fluids, Silicone Polyethers and alkyl silicone/waxes. Moreover, vinyl fluids and hydride silicone fluids will be produced.

BRB will design it as a flexible production facility that can expand over time and also support manufacturing requirements for other BRB businesses.

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