Consumers relate fixation of a cosmetic product with its quality. BRB TMS 50 I is the key ingredient to achieve long lasting and durable effect regardless of your formula.

BRB TMS 50-I is a solution of trimethylsiloxysilicate in isododecane. Trimethylsiloxysilicate is a BRB specialty silicone resin, which has a peculiar non-linear 3-dimensional structure. When applied on a surface, isododecane quickly evaporates and aids sealing trimethylsiloxysilicate to form a uniform barrier resin film.

Because of its capacity to attach on skin, BRB TMS 50 I provides color transfer resistance helping to hold pigments in place. Hence, it is ideal for a kiss-proof lipstick or a long wearing make-up. Once it’s dry, it won’t permit to budge or move. Therefore it is the perfect match to be used in waterproof mascara, protective concealer or goof-proof eyeliner.
This ingredient will bring wash-off and rub-off resistance to your sun care product, properly spreading and fixing UV filters and boosting SPF. It will also highly perform into your hair care product, as it neatly defines hair fibre and prevents from flyaway and frizz.

BRB TMS 50 I is the right choice to improve quality in your formulation.  

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