BRB International, a producer of lube oil additives and chemicals, is appointed as official and exclusive distributor of Chemtura for its detergents such as neutral and over based sulfonates in the Middle East. Sulfonates are used as detergents or rust inhibitors in crankcase additives and lubricants. 

BRB is a Dutch formulator and producer of lube oil additive packages for various applications and industries with over 13 locations worldwide and head quartered in the Netherlands. Its main strengths are in VII (viscosity index improver) solutions, automotive and industrial gear oil, off road- and engine oil packages. BRB International has a global supply from which they supply their markets and meet their customers’ needs.

Chemtura Corporation is one of the largest global producers and marketers of specialty chemicals and polymer products listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext Paris, holding leading positions in diversified markets. The Petroleum Additives business of Chemtura Corporation is a leading global supplier of components and solutions to the lubricant’s industry. These components and solutions are essential to the automotive, aviation, marine, mining and refrigeration, power generation, gas pumping and other industries where machinery operates under extreme temperatures or runs continuously.

We offer you a valuable business partner with BRB International’s and Chemtura partnership by bringing your resources to a whole new scale. Our extensive product line enhances lubricant formulation and we brings solutions to meet complex technical challenges.

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