BRB 1298 is an outstanding conditioning additive for a broad range of hair care products such as conditioners, 2-in-1 shampoos and styling products.

BRB 1298 is a 30% non-ionic microemulsion of an amine-functional silicone polymer. The conditioning additive incorporates a few fundamental features:hair care model

  • It is easy to formulate into water based conditioning products
  • Ideal for clear formulations

Within the Personal Care industry, BRB 1298 provides the following significant benefits for hair care products:

  • Improves wet and dry combing
  • Reduces hair flyaway
  • Improves hair volume as well as shine

BRB has introduced a new hair care fomulation which contains BRB 1298. It is a Deep Hair Smoothing & Manageable conditioner specially developed to service as an ultra-restorative moisturizing treatment that will revitalize all hair types.

The incorporation of BRB 1298 contributes to a number of key benefits provided by the Deep Hair Smoothing & Managable Conditioner for stronger, longer and healthier looking hair:

  • It is formulated to help severely dry, over-processed and color treated hair feel soft, smooth and managable
  • Strengthens the hair from deep inside


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