BRB Siloen TA 394 is developed to provide a hammertone finish effect to paints and coatings.

BRB Siloen TA 394 is a solvent based high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane formulation that contains a number of staple features:

  • Provides a pleasant decorative exterior to poorly finished metals surfaces
  • Can be used in solvent based binder systems based on alkyd resins, polyurethane, as well as silicone binders
  • Can be integrated ipaints and coatingsn some water based systems

The following key benefits are provided by BRB Siloen TA 394 within the Coatings and Inks industry:

  • The incompatibility of BRB Siloen TA 394 with the coating causes the floating of the actives of the surface
  • The metallic pigments (ideally aluminum) can orientate in the created surface texture
  • Finishes incorporating BRB Siloen TA 394 are generally recoatable without surface preparation


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