BRB Sempure SR 403 is a silicone emulsion specially designed to be used within a broad range of construction market applications.

BRB Sempure SR 403 is a 60% active aqueous emulsion containing a reactive silicone oil. Within the construction industry this silicone emulsion can be used as:silicone splash

  • A paint additive that improves the water resistance of water based masonry paints
  • An admixture that provides water resistance to cementitious products

BRB's Sempure SR 403 is suitable for silicone resin paints, silicate emulsion paints, highly filled emulsion coatings, whitewash emulsions and interior paints.
The following significant benefits are provided by BRB Sempure SR 403 to the construction industry:

  • Provides superior hydrophobicity and low water absorption to water based masonry paints
  • Enhances beading and hydrophobing effect when used in conjunction with a silicone resin in masonry paints
  • Brings high water vapor permeability
  • Increases UV resistance
  • Provides matte finishes to coatings
  • Improves processability and anti-blocking characteristics to paints

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