BRB International introduces a new multifunctional gear oil additive package, suitable for formulating automotive and industrial gear oils.

Petrolad 339 is a very robust package meeting a variety of performance requirements for automotive and industrial applications.

Petrolad 339 is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of modern gear oils targeting GL-4 and GL-5 performance, as well as AGMA 9005-E02 (former AGMA 250.04), AIST 224 (former US Steel 224) and DIN 51517-3.

The designation API GL-4 denotes lubricants intended for axles with spiral bevel gears operating under moderate to severe conditions of speed and load, or axles with hypoid gears operating under moderate conditions of speed and load.

The designation API GL-5 represents lubricants intended for gears, particularly hypoid gears, in axles operating under various combinations of high-speed/shock load and low-speed/high-torque conditions.[1]

AGMA 9005-E02 provides lubrication guidelines for enclosed and open gearing installed in general industrial power transmission applications.[2] AIST 224 defines the specification for nonleaded EP industrial gear lubricants and focuses on high load capacity and thermal stability of a gear oil.

DIN 51517-3 addresses petroleum-based gear lubricants containing additives to improve rust protection, aging characteristics and EP protection.

In combination with Chevron Group II base stocks, Petrolad 339 provides excellent weld load and outstanding protection against copper corrosion leading to excellent gear performance.

At a 2.0 wt. %, Petrolad 339 shows a 14th stage pass in the FZG scuffing test, offering exceptional load carrying capacity in a finished lubricant.

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