On Friday December 9, 2016, BRB International celebrated the 35th anniversary by planting 4 trees at the newly opened Research & Development center (R&D center) in Ittervoort, the Netherlands.

BRB employees from the headquarters office came together to give the 4 trees as the 35th anniversary gifts to the BRB board of directors.

It was an important moment for BRB to celebrate the achievement of excellence over the past 35 years. Started as one man business in 1981, BRB has grown from a small garage in the Netherlands to a globally well-established manufacturer for silicones, lube oil additives and chemicals. BRB currently has 235 employees and over 10 locations worldwide. To correspond with the continents where BRB has rooted in the past 35 years, we picked 4 different trees to represent Europe, Asia, North America and South America. A Birch for Europe; a Ginkgo Biloba for Asia; an Amber wood for North America and a Sham Beech for South America.  


(From left to right: CEO Ralph Pinckaers; Partner Wiro Bakker; CFO Hans Scheres; COO Tom Caris) 



On the same day, we didn't only celebrated the 35th anniversary and witnessed the tree planting ceremony. BRB’s Research & Development center (R&D center) at Ittervoort was officially opened as well. This was accompanied by a ribbon cutting ceremony and an “experiment” executed by the board of directors. The color of red, blue and green chemical reactions perfectly matched with the BRB logo color.

This is another milestone for BRB in 2016 together with the Malaysia Silicone Synthesis plant and Singapore Viscotech plant opening.

BRB together with our partner Bencis, continuously think of new investments to keep up with the fast growth and global expansions. We are confident that all the investments and developments will bring BRB to the next level!


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