BRB International is introducing a new magazine advertisement for 2017!  

The new advertisement is designed for Business Unit Lube oil Additives & Chemicals (LAC). This new advertisement will be published in Lubes’N’Greases magazines, both US and EMEA editions. The advertisement will also be available in Chinese, which will be published in the Chinese magazine Lubricant Guidebook from 2017 as well.

The advertisement was designed by a Dutch design agency: Crasborn Communicatie Vormgevers.


About BRB  

BRB International is a global producer of Lube oil Additives & Chemicals (LAC) and Silicones. Currently we have more than 10 locations worldwide from which we supply our markets and meet our customers’ needs. Ambition, Flexibility, Passion and Innovation are our core values and we thrive on challenging goals that are achieved through a collaborative approach to development.

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