BRB International announces the expansion of the EU distribution agreement with ARLANXEO into Asia.   Resulting from a long-term partnership in Europe, BRB International and ARLANXEO have established an expansion of its cooperation for the distribution of copolymers (EPM) for lubricant applications in East Asia.

The expansion of the distribution agreement with ARLANXEO marks an important development in the Viscotech® portfolio and enables us to be closer to our clients in Asia and serve them through our Viscotech® plant in Singapore.


The Viscotech® polymers have been extensively tested and successfully applied for years. They have proven to be very effective for formulating high quality engine oils. The Viscotech® product range offers the following benefits for lubricant formulators:

-          Outstanding low temperature performance

-          Improved fuel economy

-          Superior shear stability ranging from 22-70 SSI

-          Available in a wide viscosity range

-          Excellent dissolution in a wide variety of base stocks


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About BRB

BRB International is an international lube oil additives, chemicals and silicones producer dedicated to servicing their customers with a wide range of tailor-made solutions.

BRB has 11 locations worldwide from which they can supply their markets and meet their customers’ needs.

BRB’s strength lies in the commitment of its 240 employees, putting the customer first and being flexible in both service and product solutions.

Their focus on R&D, technical field support, customized products and problem solving mentality gives BRB a unique position in the market. BRB is able to service smaller and middle size customers as well as larger multinationals.



ARLANXEO is a world-leading synthetic rubber company with sales of around EUR 2.7 billion in 2016, about 3,800 employees and a presence at 20 production sites in nine countries.

Headquartered in Maastricht, Netherlands, the company’s core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of synthetic high-performance rubber for use in the automotive and tire industries, the construction industry, and the oil and gas industries.

ARLANXEO website:

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