At the TURKEYBUILD Yapi Fuari held in Istanbul from 23rd - 27th 2017, Turkey, BRB ST Kimyasal As will showcase BRB brand new products for the silane, paints & coatings, construction and insulation market. Visit us at booth no. F330 in Hall 10 at TURKEYBUILD Yapi Fuari to explore the world of BRB. 

We will showcase the following new products:

BRB Silanil® 919 HP is a reactive chemical containing an aminopropyl organic group and a triethoxysilyl inorganic group (CAS# number 919-30-2), it is designated as gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane chemically. Possessing both organic and inorganic reactivity, BRB Silanil® 919 HP could react with organic resins and elastomers as well as with the surface of inorganic materials such as fiberglass and silica fillers. BRB Silanil® 919 HP dissolve immediately in water to form a clear alkaline solution without pH adjustment. It provides very good stability in aqueous solution and acts as an effective coupling agent to modify functional groups on glass filaments when using during sizing process. 

BRB Siloen WRE is a highly performing masonry water repellent emulsion based on silane/siloxane blend. It has been designed for mineral porous and alkaline construction materials, as well as lightweight aggregates, aerated concrete and fibrous cement. It can also be used alone or formulated with polymer as priming coat for subsequent application of masonry paint. BRB Siloen WRE shows very good alkali resistance and beading effect. Its high depth of penetration allows a long lasting protection to the materials.

BRB Siloen HPA 406 is a modified polysiloxane resin emulsion designed to enhance water repellency and beading effect to masonry coatings. It is suitable for siloxane based paints and plasters, silicate paint and plasters, also for high PVC polymer dispersion emulsion coatings. The product shows a low tendency for dirt pick up. BRB Siloen HPA 406 also suitable as water repellent primer alone or in formulation with polymer dispersion.

BRB ST Kimyasal As is the full subsidiary of BRB International BV located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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