Low viscosity dimethicones are upcoming products. BRB Malaysia prepares to manufacture low viscosity dimethicones. 

Unique properties of LV dimethicones

Low viscosity (LV) dimethicones are clear and colorless linear polydimethylsiloxane fluid with low molecular weight (varying from 0.65cst to 2cst). They present low surface tension, fast rate of evaporation, unique lubricity, ability to spread easily and good miscibility with most of ingredients. 

Due to its low heat evaporation, they deliver no cool effect while application. Compared to ethanol, they don’t dry skin but provide a unique luxurious feel. 

 It has been widely used in antiperspirants, deodorants, hair sprays, cleansing creams, skin creams lotions and stick products, bath oils, sunscreen, shaving products and make-up products. 

BRB Malaysia prepare for LV dimethicones

 The multipurpose BRB Malaysia plant is designed to manufacture low viscosity dimethicones to meet market demand. In order to manufacture LV Dimethicones, we use a novel hitherto process to polymerize siloxanes with negligible D4 content. 

 The carbon foot print being minimal in the procedure is a step forward towards BRB’s commitment to develop and use eco-friendly processes.

Further to polymerization, the product is distilled in several tall continuous distillation columns to obtain silicones of extremely high purity.

BRB Malaysia is applying Halal certification for the plant as consumer gain greater awareness of Halal beauty globally. Halal beauty products are starting to be in hot demand, not only from Muslim consumers, but those looking for more rigorous claims than most natural or organic brands can offer.

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