BRB PB 152 (INCI: Trimethyl Pentaphenyl Trisiloxane (and) Diphenylsiloxyl Phenyl Trimethicone (and) Caprylyl Methicone) is a high performance silicone fluid blend, specially designed to achieve a high refractive and provide a pleasant and soft sensorial skin feel. The multi-faceted benefits of this fluid blend make it extremely attractive in color cosmetics as well as skin care and hair care. BRB PB 152 is used to provide high glossiness to formulation due to its high refractive index (RI: 1.52).

Skin Care

Used with a good suspending agent, BRB PB 152 can be used to formulate oil-in-lotion toner product which provide superior aesthetics and sensory benefits to skin. Moreover, abundant oil bubbles suspended in the toner, provide outstanding aesthetic to the formulation.  

Lip Color

Excellent gloss with low tackiness on lip color formulation can be achieved with BRB PB 152. Together with BRB TMS resin series able to provide long lasting effect.

Hair Care

BRB PB 152 is used to enhance the appearance and feel of hair by providing body and glossiness and to improve the texture of damaged hair. It can be formulated into water based hair spray with suspended oil droplets of BRB PB 152 in formulation. No shake is required during application make it convenient for end user. BRB PB 152 can also be used in hair conditioners, serums and treatments.

BRB PB 152 is intended for supply in Asia Pacific region only.

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