This week (October 3-6) the most influential players and decision makers of the international lubricants industry meet at the Global Lubricant Week in Moscow, Russia.   

BRB attends the International Conference Global Lubricant Week together with its Russian distributor Terra. The conference is considered as   the leading conference in the Russian lubricants industry, with over 670 participants at this year's edition. On Tuesday BRB was proud to join the Executive dinner together with 23 other key players within the market such as Chevron Oronite, Afton, Nunas, APL and Evonik to discuss the future of the lubricants industry and the rise of electric vehicles. 

BRB manufactures a full range of Lube oil Additive packages and components to formulate finished lubricants and fluids. Additive packages impart new and enhance existing properties that influence the performance of base oils. BRB offers a wide range of products including viscosity modifiers, engine oil additives, driveline additives, off road additives, hydraulic additives and many more.


Global Lubricant Week Moscow 2017

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