BRB International is present at the UEIL Annual Congress, October 25-27, held in Bologna, Italy.

The UEIL Annual Congress offers an unique opportunity to players in the European and global Lubricants industry to meet and network, strengthen their relationships, and learn more about the latest developments from a technological, economic, marketing and regulatory perspective. The congress welcomes +/- 250 Delegates, decision makers in the sector, which traditionally come from over 20 countries, including participants from Europe, the US, Asia and Africa. BRB International is one of the sponsors at the congres. Click here for more info about the UEIL Annual Congress.

BRB International manufactures a full range of Lube oil Additive packages and components to formulate finished lubricants and fluids. Additive packages impart new and enhance existing properties that influence the performance of base oils. BRB offers a wide range of products including viscosity modifiers, engine oil additives, driveline additives, off road additives, hydraulic additives and many more.

UEIL Bologna 2017

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